Rosneath Peninsula West

Community Development Trust


Memorandum and Articles of Association
Our memorandum and articles of association define the existence of the Trust, regulates its structure and establishes our constitution. They were last updated on November 9, 2012 and  can be accessed here.


The Trust’s  Objectives are:
  • Prevention or Relief of Poverty
  • Advancement of Education
  • Advancement of Health
  • Advancement of Citizenship or Community Development
  • Advancement of The Arts, Heritage, Culture or Science
  • Advancement of Environmental Protection or Improvement
  • Relief of Those in Need
  • Provision/Organisation of Recreational Facilities



Special Meeting and Annual General Meeting Notices


Notices of Special Meetings and Annual General Meetings will be issued electronically unless members advise the Trust that they would like to receive notices by another method.

Recruitment and Appointment of Members and Directors

As disclosed in the Trust’s Memorandum and Articles of Association the structure of the Trust consists of members and directors. Members have the right to attend the annual general meeting and elect people to serve as directors.

For details of how to join the Trust please visit our ‘Join Us‘ page.

The directors may, at any point, appoint any member (providing he/she is willing to act) to be a director. At each annual general meeting, all of the directors shall retire from office – but shall then be eligible for re-election. A person shall not be eligible for election as a director unless they are a Trust member.

Members Liability

As a company limited by guarantee, no share capital is authorised or issued. In the event of the company being wound up, members are each required to contribute an amount not exceeding £1.

Directors’ Reports

The Trust publish an annual trustees’ (Directors’) report and annual accounts. These can be accessed via the links below.

The 2010/11 Directors’ report can be accessed by clicking  here.

The 2011/12 Directors’ report can be accessed by clicking RPW CDT Directors’ Report 2011_12_Final

The 2012/13 Directors’ report can be accessed by clicking here.

The 2013/14 Directors’ report can be accessed by clicking here.

The 2014/15 Directors’ report can be accessed by clicking here.

The 2015/16 Director’s report can be accessed by clicking here.

(Note that some of these copies of the Directors’ reports are scans.  If you wish to get a pdf version which will be be of a higher quality in terms of text and will be in colour etc then please just ask)

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