When the Trust was first formed we conducted an extensive Community Action Plan, ascertaining what residents on our peninsula felt was most lacking and what the community would benefit most from. This Community Action Plan can be seen via the Community Action Plan’ link on the left hand menu bar.

Outdoor play space was one of the top priorities for residents. Lack of any outdoor play space in our area has been painfully obvious for many years. In March 2014 The Craigrownie Park Group was formed within the Trust and we are now working in partnership with Argyll & Bute Council to reinstate Craigrownie Park.

Craigrownie Park Proposal

The children on the peninsula have been involved with the project from the beginning, drawing pictures and designing the park and creating our Craigrownie Park logo.  They have been present at all fundraisers and are genuinely engaged and excited with this process and the prospect at having a park on the peninsula. With 5% of the population now diabetic and those with diabetes and obesity in Scotland increasing faster than anywhere else in the UK, we want to do all we can to encourage the next generation to lead healthy, active lives.

We have had support from the MOD, Argyll and Bute Council, Police Scotland, local businesses, housing associations and generous individuals. Locally we have raised funds through sponsored bike rides, wellie walks, curry nights, car boot sales etc etc etc. In just over a year we have raised £63,000 of the £100,000 that is required to build the park. We are hoping to raise the outstanding £37,000 in time to have the park built by Easter 2016.

Refurbishing Craigrownie Park has proven to be a truly community project, receiving support from councillors to pensioners. This demonstrates the need for not just a space for children to play but a place where the community can meet and socialise. The design of the park is such that it can be enjoyed by all. At the centre of the park, with views down the Clyde estuary is a roofed octagonal seated area where everyone can sit in all weather. To the left is an enclosed toddler area, to the right a teenage area and adult gym equipment. The paths through out are tarmac and suitable for wheelchair users. There is a wheelchair accessible roundabout included too so the wheelchair bound children can play alongside their able bodied friends. Our local primary school have been very supportive and the P5/4 group are donating all the money raised from their Enterprise Topic to the project.

There are more events on the horizon including a curry night and possibly a dance and an auction later in the summer. At all these events we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who attend and donate and local businesses who provide raffle prizes or help with the arrangements for food and entertainment.

We are always looking for raffle prizes and innovative ways of raising money to help us get to our £100,000 target. If there is anyone out there with great ideas or any businesses who could donate a raffle prize then all of us in the team would be hugely grateful. Please contact the Trust via the Contact Us link on this site or by e-mailing loz.slavin@gmail.com

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