(Publication Date 15th January 2011)

The Rosneath Peninsula West Community Development Trust (RPW CDT) was registered as a company limited by guarantee on 15th June 2010 and was officially launched at a public meeting in Cove Burgh Hall on 6th November 2010. A copy of the presentation given at the launch is available here RPW Presentation_05_Nov_2010. To see a video of the launch, please click here RPW CDT Launch on YouTube. The next date for your diary is Saturday 26th February (for more details, see The Next Stage below).

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to revitalise the communities of the villages of Coulport, Ardpeaton, Cove, Kilcreggan and Portkil. These villages lie within the area on the west side of the Rosneath Peninsula, from the watershed (the dividing spine) down to the shore, from 56°58′ North to 56°06′ North. As a registered charity, set up under the auspices of Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council, we will ensure that all the income of the Trust is distributed among these communities, with the aim of enabling any individuals and groups in the area to pursue a wide range of activities that benefit everyone who lives here.

The fifteen directors on the Trust’s Board represent a diverse cross-section of the community. Our Memorandum and Articles of Association describes the Trust’s constitution and structure. The full document can be accessed by clicking  here.


The Consultation Process

In order to ascertain the precise wishes and needs of the community, the Trust commissioned a Community Development Plan survey, which produced 361 returns, representing an excellent 28.5% of our adult population. Interim analysis highlighted interest in issues such as public transport, the Rainbow Centre, regeneration and tourism, with highest responses for:

• Affordable housing for young families
• Provision of petrol and diesel fuel
• Development of sporting and leisure facilities
• Improved nursery and creche facilities
• Access to sheltered housing
• Restoration of the foreshore and elimination of Japanese knotweed

How Will We Pay For All This?

Alongside the development plan, the Trust investigated a number of ways to obtain funding for these projects. One particularly promising area to emerge involved the installation of one or more wind turbines.
During a preliminary feasibility study, one suitable site was identified on the moorland at Knockderry Farm, north-east of the Barbour Road. The site is excellent in terms of the direction and strength of the prevailing wind, and of course any turbines located here will not be visible from the villages. This scheme would be run by the Trust, which means that every penny of income generated would go directly to the community.

The Next Stage

The results of our analysis will be refined by vote at a Public Meeting to be held on Saturday 26th February at Cove Burgh Hall. The meeting starts at 3 pm but the doors will be open between 2 pm and 5 pm, and members of the Trust will be on hand to answer any queries. The final report will be presented at Cove Burgh Hall on Saturday 7th May.

We also need to conduct a full Technical Feasibility Study for the wind farm, hopefully with financial backing from the Climate Challenge Fund, who will bring other energy-saving benefits to our homes. The recent community ballot was conducted to measure the level of support on this issue.

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