(Publication Date 2 April 2011)

On Saturday May 7th at 2pm in the Burgh Hall, the Development Trust will will deliver the Community Action Plan which the community have  contributed to over the last six months. Project Groups have already started to consider how some of the projects emerging from the surveys and public meetings might be brought to fruition.

The creation of the Community Action Plan was only achieved through the assistance of Stephen Singer and his colleagues at Community Links Scotland. Their participation was funded by grants from Voluntary Action Fund, Argyll and Islands LEADER programme, Dunbritton Housing Association, Community Enterprise in Scotland, the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, the Big Lottery Fund, and Community Energy Scotland.  The board also wish to pass on their appreciation to  Arlene Cullum, one of the Trust’s Vice-Conveners, who spent many weeks compiling our applications for funding

We would very much like to see a large turnout on Saturday 7th May to see the results of her, and your, efforts.

Alongside the presentation of the Community Action Plan, there will be five-a-side football in the Church Hall grounds, and the Board will be giving an update on the role of the Carbon and Energy Reduction Officer. She, or he, will be employed to give energy efficiency advice to every household in the community. This is part of our co-operation with the Climate Challenge Fund which is supporting the pre-development investigation on our Community Wind Power project.

Furthermore the Glasgow Institute of Architects, in conjunction with the Development Trust, is holding an architectural competition on the redesign of Kilcreggan Village centre. This prestigious event will take place through the summer and will include various events designed to ascertain the views of the community on the emerging plans. The final exhibition and prizegiving will be held in the Burgh Hall in August.

The Development Trust has come a long way in just a year and your support has been very much appreciated. Please come along on Saturday May 7th to participate in the next step of the journey.

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